Occasionally, we take photographs of participants.  We may use these images in our brochure, or in other printed publications that we produce, in displays on our website and social media.  We may also record videos or livestream for marketing purposes.

We occasionally send images to the news media, or we may be visited by the media who will take their own photographs or film footage. participants will often appear in these images. The news media may use the images in printed publications (including local or national newspapers), on televised news programmes or on their website.  They then store them in their archive. They may also syndicate the photos to other media for possible use, either in printed publications, on websites, or both. When we submit photographs and information to the media, we have no control over when, where, if or how they will be used.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we need your permission before we can photograph or make any recordings of you or your child.

Conditions of use:

  1.  Please write to Knot Backwoods if you wish to withdraw consent at any time.
  2. The images we take will be of activities that show the business and children in a positive light.
  3. Embarrassing or distressing images will not be used. The images will not be associated with negative or sensitive issues.
  4. We may use group photographs or footage with very general labels e.g. ‘science’.
  5. We will only use images of children who are suitably dressed.
  6. We will make every effort to ensure that we do not allow images to be taken of any children for whom we do not have permission or who are ‘at risk’ or dis-allowed from having their photographs taken for legal or social reasons.
  7. We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the images are used solely for the purposes for which they are intended. However, we cannot guarantee this and take no responsibility for the way images are used by other websites or publishers or for any consequences arising from publication.

Please note that websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.  In giving your consent you understand that images may be used in printed and electronic form.  

To give your consent, please complete the form below: