Before attending a session; please read this short agreement and help your child to understand our guidelines and why they are important. Then sign the on-line form at the bottom of this page and press submit.

These are simple, common sense and easy to follow guidelines, however we understand that children may struggle to remember all this, so we will help and gently encourage your children along the way, just as we would during the rest of forest school.

We want all our participants to have fun and be safe. Being outdoors and at forest school is extremely beneficial, healthy and a great boost for the immune system and therefore even more valuable currently.

We really want people to take advantage of this and not be put off in the current climate, so we have spent a long time putting in place a new risk assessment to make things easier and safer.

Our full Covid 19 Risk Assessment and Policy which is in line with government guidelines is available to read here

Participation Agreement during Covid 19 Corona Virus 

  • Please respect all instructions given by Knot Backwoods staff.

  • We respectfully ask all participants, parents and families not to attend any Knot Backwoods sessions if they suspect they have any Covid 19 Corona Virus symptoms, including, but not limited to a cough, temperature or shortness of breath. Please let us know if you are unwell and can’t come.

  • If you become unwell, or develop Covid 19 symptoms during a session, we would please ask that you leave the session.

  • We would be grateful if you would keep us informed of your illness developments so that we may comply with government guidelines and inform fellow participants of any need to isolate themselves.

  • Please do not congregate in car parking area.

  • Upon arrival, please find a safe space to keep your bags and possessions away from others.

  • Please wash or sanitise your hands upon arrival, when leaving and in between activities.

  • Please use tissues, or the elbow of your sleeve when coughing or sneezing and wash or sanitise your hands afterwards.

  • Please dispose of dirty tissues safely in bin provided or take tissues home.

  • Please keep your distance at all times to 2 metres from other people outside of your own family.

  • Please put used tools in dirty tools box, ready for sanitizing.

  • Please do not share tools outside of your family group.

  • Please do not share gloves outside of your family group.

  • Please do not share cups, drinks or food.

  • Please do not share pens, magnifying glasses, books etc outside of your family group.

  • Please play and work sensibly to avoid any unnecessary trips or accidents and possibly medical treatment or visits to the hospital.


Participation Agreement during Covid 19